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One of the things that's great about using the alphabet to celebrate great knitting products is the opportunity to discuss various brands of yarn. For the non knitter, yarn might all look the same, but knitters know all too well each brand of yarn and how they perform. Berroco is a yarn company that has been in business for decades. They make some reliable sturdy yarns that hold up well over the years. Their design director Norah Gaughan supports those yarns with a knitting pattern program that embraces innovation while still harking back to knitting traditions. That balance between the new and the old can also be seen in their selection of yarns. They offer a wide variety of traditional wools and cottons, but also shake things up with novelty yarns that add sparkle to a knitter's wardrobe. Check out some of Berroco's Yarns and knitting pattern books below!

Berroco Yarns

berrrocovintageBerroco Vintage

Vintage is another machine washable workhorse yarn, a blend of acrylic, nylon and wool. The acrylic and nylon add strength to the wool and make it easier to wash without causing too much shrinkage and felting. It's perfect for those long winters when you want your mittens and hats to last long while being able to be easily cleaned.




berrococomfortBerroco Comfort

The Berroco Comfort Yarns are a line of nylon acrylic blend which is meant to be affordable, easy to knit and very long lasting. What's great is that Berroco Comfort comes in different weights for different needs and can be machine washed. This makes it great for heavy use items like blankets, mittens and snow hats. Comfort also comes in a ridiculous number of colors.




berrocoultraalpacaBerroco Ultra Alpaca

I love the name of Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It's not just any alpaca, it's Ultra Alpaca. That's because it blends alpaca with highland wool. It's a 50-50 blend too. This means that the company is using wool to offset some of the downsides to alpaca. Wool is springy and keeps its shape very well, while alpaca is drapey and can lose its shape. Highland wool can be a little scratchy, so the alpaca softens it up. The best of two fiber types combined to make the ultra yarn!


berrocoremixBerroco Remix

Remix is for your environmentally conscious knitter. It's made up of 100% recycled materials, but still has a nice natural feel. It's tweedy and a great fall knit. 30% nylon, 27% cotton, 10% acrylic, 10% silk and 9% linen. 





berrocomayaBerroco Maya

This is the only Berroco novelty yarn we're featuring. It's a braided yarn, which is great for chunky sweaters and handbags. This one blends pima cotton and alpaca for a nice drape. 





Berroco Knitting Pamphlets and Books

comfortknittingafghansComfort Knitting and Crochet Afghans

With Berroco Comfort being such a heavy duty yarn it's no wonder that there's a whole book of afghan patterns using just that yarn. A great gift for a knitter would pair a bunch of balls of Berroco Comfort with this book (and maybe even a knitting bag). Your knitter will be thrilled to have some fun projects to try.




comfortknittingbabiestoddlersComfort Knitting and Crochet Babies and Toddlers

The hardwearing durability of Berroco's Comfort Yarn lends itself to all things baby and toddler. The baby and toddler stuff gets messy all the time and you need a yarn that can handle regular washing. This book will have you knitting your baby long lasting garments that you might even pass on to younger siblings and cousins.





norahgaughanmenbookNorah Gaughan Men Book

If you're looking to kniw well designed sweaters with simple, yet engaging stitch motifs then you must knit a Norah Gauhan pattern. Famous for her Knitting Nature book, she's now taken the time to focus on mens knits, which are frequently overlooked in knitting pattern design.






BerrocovintageandcomfortknittingBerroco Vintage and Comfort Knitting Book

This is a knitting pattern book especially for the Vintage and Comfort lines of yarns, which is great because you don't really have to worry about matching the yarn because it's designed especially for those Berroco yarns. Since Berroco yarns are rather interchangeable with other classic yarns like Cascade 220, or Lion Brand equivalents, this book can provide some inspiration for a knitter even if they don't have Berroco in their yarn stash. 





norahgaughan20142015bookBerroco Norah Gauhan Book Winter 2014-2015

Fall knitting is the best knitting. Sweaters, cardigans, scarves and hats, all to get ready for the coming winter. Get a head start on winter with Norah Gauhan's exquisite designs.

So that's B for Berroco, stay tuned in the coming weeks. We'll keep working our way through the alphabet to bring you the best gift recommendations for knitters. Click here to visit the Gifts for Knitters from A to Z home page for all of our gift ideas for the 2015 holiday season.


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