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There are always new skills for a knitter to learn. Even master knitters who have been knitting for their entire lifetimes can learn new tricks to perfect their knitting. There's always a new way to bind on or cast off, or a new technique for knitting socks to learn. That's why you can't go wrong buying knitting classes as a great gift for a knitter. You don't even have to set foot inside a yarn shop to get a gift certificate (though it would be really great if you did). You can order classes from and your knitter can learn at his or her own pace anytime. But the question is which classes would your knitter like? How do you choose a Craftsy class to give as a gift?

First off, What is Craftsy?

Craftsy is an online craft school that also sells tools and materials. You can learn baking, knitting, quilting, beading. Even if your knitter knows everything they ever needed to know about knitting they can still learn another craft, like maybe even crochet.

You Don't Have to Choose - Just Get a Craftsy Gift Certificate

You can get Craftsy Gift Certificates and save on classes. It's just $30 for one class, $55 for two classes and $75 for three classes. You learn a whole project in every class so it's not like you have to take multiple classes to finish just one project. Plus you can rewatch the lessons anytime.

Choose the Right Craftsy Knitting Class for Your Knitter

Read their knitting blog

If your knitter has a knitting blog, read it for gosh sakes. You'll get a better understanding what the heck is going on with their knitting and perhaps learn why a knitter might be annoyed or what they love to knit.

Ask Their Friends

Knitters rarely keep their knitting to themselves. Ask your knitter's friends what they love to knit and what they still want to learn. They'll have good ideas for you.

Just Ask Them

You want to shock a knitter? If you've been completely uninterested in your partner's knitting it will knock their socks off if you start inquiring about what they're knitting. Here's a couple of questions that will help you:

  • What are you knitting?
  • What's your favorite thing to knit and why?
  • What won't you knit ever?
  • What's your favorite yarn?
  • What's the hardest knitting technique for you?

Be selfish and choose a class that teaches something you want them to knit for you

Want a pair of knitted socks? Hook them up with a sock knitting course. Looking for a hand-knit vest? There's a class for that too. It helps if you get them a gift certificate for yarn too.

Need some help picking a gift for a knitter? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll give you free recommendations based on your questions.

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