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Your dad might just be a knintter. It's not at all unusual for men to knit. It's an equal opportunity hobby. That said, knitting is so often marketed towards women that thinking about men knitting is but an afterthought for most knitting manufacturers. That isn't to say that there aren't great gifts out there for knitting dads. If knitting is what your dad loves to do then it's a great idea to find a gift that helps your dad enjoy the hobby he loves. Check out our great father's day gift ideas for knitters:

timbuktubagKnitting Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is the go-to bag for just about any guy and you can buy one in any fabric or finishes to personalize it just for your dad. From canvas to nylon to leather and suede, there's a messenger bag that can beautifully double as a knitting bag. Makes you wish that the knitting bag makers actually made a knitting bag geared more towards a masculine sensibility. Here are some of our favorites:

Kenneth Cole Canvas Messenger Bag

Classic Leather Messenger Bag

Timbuktu Messenger Bag


Knitting Books for Men


Sometimes a guy just wants to knit something for himself. Some of the world's best knitting pattern designers have spent time designing classic and modern knitting patterns to challenge any knitter. Check out some of the best knitting books for men:

Men's Knits: 20 New Classics

Son of Stitch and Bitch

Knits Men Want

Boyfriend Sweaters 19 Designs for Him That He'll Want to Wear


addiclickbambboo2015Interchangeable Knitting Needle Sets

Knitters love their knitting needles and one way to spoil a knitter is to gift them a set of interchangeable knitting needles. They are sets of needles in most available sizes so that knitters always have a set of knitting needles ready to knit. The Addi Click sets are made in Germany with a proprietary cable/needle join while the Knitters Pride sets are made in India with a simple screw attachment. Both sets work well. You can read some in-depth reviews of interchangeable knitting needles here.


The Latest Knitting Books


While we already have recommended some great menswear knitting pattern books, great knitting books are published all the time with new information and techniques that help knitters knit better. 2015 has already benefitted from a few new knitting books check them out:




Increase Decrease

There are a million ways to increase and decrease, and most of the time designers don't always tell you which one is the best for your knitting project. This book will help you understand those techniques and make you a much more skilled knitter.

Geek Knits

What better way to celebrate your love of Star Wars or MST3K or Star Trek or Vampires or comic books or any of the geeky things of the world than to knit them? Discover a universe of geeky-inspired knitting with this book of nerdy knitting patterns. 

Cats in Hats

The knitting + cats myth persists so you might as well go along with it by doing something as silly as knitting hats for cats. Because why not?

Final Words

If you're lucky enough to have a dad who knits, then maybe you've benefitted from more than a few carefully knitted gifts, hopefully you've found a few great gift ideas for fathers who knit here to help them knit for years to come.

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