KeepcalmcarryyarnbagOnce again, Knit Luck has been kind enough to share some of their content with us. They recently featured Five Knitting Bags to Covet. What better time than the holidays to indulge and buy yourself a stylish knitting bag? If you are totally clueless about what kind of gift to get a knitter, a knitting bag is just the thing. Knitters can have multiple knitting bags for multiple projects. There's a certain comfort in knowing that your knitting is safe and sound in a sturdy bag.

Check out the excerpt from Knit Luck's Five Knitting Bags to Covet:

There are bags and then there are knitting bags. If the loved one in your life wants a knitting bag for the holidays there's a few things you should know. Regular bags are great and you can make them work for your knitting, but there are a few specifications that will make or break a bag for knitting projects.


What to look for in a knitting bag:

Will my needles fit?

There's no point in having a knitting bag if it won't fit your knitting needles. You can solve this by knitting wider lengths with circular needles, which fold up for easy storage. However, long pointy needles need a larger bag for them to fit.

Can it carry other things besides my knitting?

Nobody likes to carry multiple bags at once. The ideal knitting bag has separate spaces for knitting and for your regular everyday things. That way you're not searching through your yarn for chapstick, cell phones or keys.

Does it look stylish?

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