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If you're looking for some of the best gifts for knitters, look no further than Etsy. Etsy is the handmade marketplace where professional crafters from all over the world sell their wares. Unsurprisingly there are a ton of unique gifts for knitters on Etsy, so many that it can be tough to wade through all of the offerings to find the very best for your knitter. With that in mind, we've surfed the pages of Etsy for the top ten sweetest gifts for knitters.

1) Personalized Hand Carved Yarn Stamp

You can make your own custom project tags with this little stamp. So sweet and only $10.


2) Multicolored removable stitch markers from Joya Fibers

Removable locking stitch markers in a variety of colors that you can't normally get. Useful in so many ways.

3) Dr. Who Police Box Etched Wooden Needle Gauge

For the Dr. Who Knitter in your life, it's always nice to have an extra needle gauge hanging around and this one will be all the rage at knit night.

4) Beekeeper Quilt Notions Tin

Having multiple Notions Kits ensures that you always have the tools you need wherever you're knitting. Keep one in the car and you always have tapestry needles, scissors and more at your disposal.

5) Skeleton Stitch Markers

These are the coolest stitch markers, ever. No doubt about it.

What are some of your favorite knitting items on Etsy? Let me know in the comments!

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