One very affordable gift for knitters is the knitting project bag. Project Bags are different from Knitting Bags. Project bags hold individual knitting projects to keep them from getting tangled with other projects and supplies in your knitting bag. Knitters need multiple project bags for the many different projects they have going at the same time. There are different sized project bags for different kinds of projects. There are sock knitting bags that allow you to knit socks on the go and larger knitting bags for bigger projects like scarves and even bigger ones for large sweater projects.

Sock Project Bags


goknitsbagKnowKnits Bag

Best project bag for socks is the KnowKnits bag. These bags are made of nylon paracord string. You can wear the bag on your wrist so you can knit on the go (hence the name GoKnits).







dellaqprojectbagThe Della Q "Cheaper Than Therapy" Bag

This is a small drawstring bag for your knitting to carry their favorite knitting projects. Not as many bells and whistles as the KnowKnits Bag, but will still do the job.






dellaqrosemarybagThe Della Q Rosemary Bag

For someone who wants a little more style in their knitting project bag check out this small knitting tote from Della Q. It also features a wrist strap and a toggle closure.





rosettebagThe Lantern Moon Rosette Project Bag

This is another sweet knitting gift that would delight any knitter. This is probably the fanciest knitting project bag that you could use as a going out bag to hold a few goodies when you're going out for dinner.









laceprojectbagThe Lantern Moon Transparent Lace Project Bag

Lantern Moon makes another project bag with see-through lace so you can seewhich project is inside.

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