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This spring, you're in luck if you're looking for a knitting gift for a knitter! Knitting manufacturers have released new products in the last couple of months perfect for knitter gift giving! From new knitting bags to a new set of interchangeable knitting needles you'll find an awesome gift to surprise the knitter you love -whether it's for birthdays, Mother's Day or just for the fun of it. 


If you've been paying attention to fashion at all in the last six months, the 1970's are back with a vengence. Wanderlust, Tanis Grey's new book of knitting patterns is right on trend, full of new 70's inspired knitting patterns with an extra sense of style. The book comes out March 2nd, so it's not every out yet -that's how new it is. Definitely a must have for any knitter's knitting book library.




knitterspridemarblzneedlesKnitters Pride Marblz

Knitters Pride, the fine folks who brought knitters the Karbonz interchangeable knitting needles and the Dreamz have just come out with a new, stronger set of acrylic interchangeable knitting needles. You may recall that Knitters Pride also produces the Trendz,which are a low-cost acrylic set of interchangeable knitting needles. The Trendz are very flexible and bend almost a little too much, but the Marblz are tough and hold up to tight knitting.


knittersprideblockingmatKnitters Pride Lace Blocking Mats

Sure, you could use your mattress to block your beloved lace projects, but why should you when Knitters Pride makes a great set of foam blocking mats that collapse into a small 12 x 13" block for easy storage when not in use.




knitterscaseKnitting Case

This isn't your usual knitting bag, or a knitting needle case. Imagine a knitting suitcase as a possible knitting bag. It's cute, it's retro and definite a departure from any other knitting bag on the market. A fun place to store your favorite knitting notions and yarns. Perfect as the storage component of a special knitting gift package. Include some yarn and a knitting book and you're good to go.



lanternmoonsheepcaseLantern Moon Sheep Knitting Notions Holder

Sheep are considered the knitter's animal mascot for obvious reasons. This tabletop sheep knitting notions holder will keep all of your knitter's little finicky tools from being all over the place, well one would hope. At least it's somewhere to put all those knitting notions as you come across them. 




knitpickcaspiandpnsKnit Picks Caspian Wood Double Pointed Needles

When you think knitting needle sets, you usually think about the interchangeable knitting needle sets as gifts, but every knitter needs a great set of double pointed knitting needles. Those are the needles knitters use to knit things in the round -sleeves, hats and socks. The Knit Picks Caspian set of double pointed needles comes in at a very affordable $29.99. The wood is stained in beachy blue tones that brighten any winter day.


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