The end of the school year is near and that means that some knitters might be almost done with their studies and graduating onto the next chapter of their lives. Whether than next chapter be high school, college, graduate school or the real world an extra treat for any knitting graduate is a thoughtful gift that enhances their knitting hobby. There are many gifts to spoil a knitter, from knitting bags to interchangeable knitting needles we have many gift ideas that will surprise and delight the knitter that you love this graduation season.

Keep in mind that for many graduates the end of school means that beginning of summer, so items for summer knitting might be most appropriate.

atentiknittingbag1Atenti Knitting Bag

Atenti Knitting Bags are some of the most high-end bags on the market. They have an old-school knitting bag feel about them, made out of tapestry-like fabrics with colorful handles, they are more than big enough to hold your favorite knitting project whether it's a blanket or a cardigan. You'll also have space large enough to carry all of your favorite knitting notions and even a knitting magazine. Atenti bags are a bit pricey, but they feature high quality that will last you for years. You can find a huge selection of these high-end bags here.

marblzknittingneedlesInterchangeable Knitting Needle Set - Knitters Pride Marblz

Knitters Pride has come out with a new set of interchangeable knitting needles, this time a set of colorful hard acrylic needles with a swirling marbled effect. These are much different from the Trendz interchangeable knitting needles in that the Marblz are much more rigid than the Trendz. Throw a set of these in that Atenti knitting bag and your graduating knitter will be more than thrilled.

kitchencottonyarnCotton Yarn

It's summer and for some knitters it's much too hot for wool knitting. Knitters in the know don't let that stop them from their favorite hobby. Just grab some softer cotton to make tank tops, head bands or even dish cloths. Here are a few of our favorite cotton yarns:

dozendishclothstoknitA Dozen Dishcloths to Knit

Speaking of dishcloths, a great way to practice your knitting skills and try new stitches is to knit a set of dishcloths. You'd be surprised how many dishcloths you need. You could make a set for your home and a set to go with all of your camping gear, a set for your mom. 

Now that the knitter in your life is done with their studies (or heck just taking a break for the summer) they have more time for the hobby that they love, why not spoil them a little bit with some fun knitting supplies? That knitter will love you for it!

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