Knitting bags are always a fantastic gift for knitters at holiday time. Most knitters love to bring their knitting with them wherever they go and a well designed knitting bag can keep their knitting projects well organized and their knitting needles and notions right where they need them, when they need them. Even if your knitter already has a knitting bag, a back up one is always welcomed because most knitters have multiple projects going at the same time and some projects are better than others for different outings. It's always nice to have your knitting projects ready to go in your knitting bag. 


lenaknittingbag250Della Q Lena Knitting Bag

Della Q makes amazing silk and silk taffeta knitting bags. The Lena is one of their mid-size knitting bags, perfect for sweaters or a few scarf projects. Include some sock knitting in a project bag and you could fit more than one project in this bag. The Lena comes in five different striped colors including red, brown, seafoam, purple and ocean. It's one of the mid-priced bags as well. Some knitting bags sell for over $70, but the Lena Knitting Bag goes for $54.99.




dellaqagnesbag250The Della Q Agnes Knitting Bag

If you like the Lena, but don't love the circular handle, have no fear! The Agnes is just like the Lena, but has traditional handles for easy toting your knitting projects around. It even comes in the same colors as the Lena: red, brown, seafoam, purple and ocean. That said, this bag is much larger than the Lena and can carry even more knitting projects, patterns and supplies.




everythingmarytotesmallThe Everything Mary Knitting Yarn Tote

This is a steal of a bargain at only $20!!! It's a great bag for storing yarn, especially if you're using multiple colors in a stranded knitting project.





everythingmarycaddysmallThe Everything Mary Stand Up Yarn Organizer

Much like the Lantern Moon Uzu Fiber Bag, the Everything Mary Stand Up Yarn Organizer isn't so much a knitting bag as it's a stylish stand to hold your yarn and knitting supplies at home. These organizers allow you to store your yarn for easy access whenver you pick up or put down your knitting. 



monroebagcroppedThe Namaste Monroe Bag

Namaste is one of the most popular knitting bag producers around. Their bags are heavy duty and very durable. This is the kind of bag that you can take to work and only you will know that it also doubles as a knitting tote. A professional knitting bag for your favorite knitter.


Whether you're looking to spend a lot or a little on a holiday gift for your knitter, a knitting bag is a great gift to buy the knitter you love this holiday, 2014.

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