When your loved one is a knitter it would be so easy to get them a wonderful gift that encourages them to keep on knitting... you would think. However when you're not a knitter you're kind of guessing around trying to figure out what would be the right gift. Even if you find a few great knitting gift ideas, you could still be unsure whether those particular items would actually make a great gift for YOUR knitter. You could ask them what they want, but then you're kind of already letting the cat out of the bag and letting them know what you're thinking about getting them. Or you could be a little sneaky and do a little research to see what your knitting actually wants as a gift.

Check their knitting books

Go thee to the knitter's bookshelf. Look at what kinds of knitting books that they already have. This tells you two things: 1) the kinds of books they already have and like, AND 2) the kinds of knitting books they're missing. You can win either way with picking a good knitting book (as long as you don't get a duplicate). Here are some things to look for in a knitting book stash:

  • Do they have books of sock knitting patterns?
  • Do they have "color knitting" books?
  • Do they have lace knitting books?
  • Do they have a book of kid's knitting?
  • Do they have any books on dying their own yarns?
  • Do they have any books on handspinning?

To be sure, check out their yarn stash. If you don't see any sock yarn, or lace yarn (those are the very very skinny yarns), then maybe a sock or lace book might not be helpful. Go instead with a knitting book that is relatively new in the market that isn't already on their bookshelf.

Get Knitting Magazine Subscriptions

Knitting Magazines are always welcome. Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, and Knitscene. You could also go with the Rowan Knitting Magazine, which is published out of Great Britain and is absolutely drool worthy with gorgeous knitting photography. That's a little pricier than the other American magazines (which are still amazing and fun to have in your library), but the Rowan magazine 

Peek at their yarn stash

It's important to see what kind of yarn that your knitter already has in their stash. Checking out that yarn lets you know what kinds of things your knitter likes to make. If there's a lot of super skinny yarns, chances are that they like to knit lace and socks. If they have thicker yarns, perhaps they prefer to knit hats, scarves and sweaters. Take note of what they do have in their stash. Then you know whether to get sock yarn, lace yarn or worsted weight yarn. The worsted weight (or also sport weight) are great for hats, sweaters and scarves. Also remember the kinds of colors that your knitter likes to keep in their stash. 

Ask their friends

Chances are that your knitter does not knit alone. Perhaps they have a friend or two that they enjoy knitting with, or heck they might even be friends with their local yarn shop owner. They will know better than anyone the kinds of yarn that will enchant and delight your knitter. Just make sure that you make them pinky swear that they won't breathe a word to your knitter. :)

Distract with impertinent gift questions

If you're sure that you want to get a knitting gift and want to throw them off your trail, ask them about other things that they enjoy. It tells you other cool things that they want and has them thinking about everything you could get them that has nothing to do with knitting. Ask them about their favorite teas, authors, bands, and fragrances. You'll discover a treasure trove of gift ideas besides the knitting ones. 

Hopefully this should give you a few hints as to how to get some gift ideas that the knitter you love will enjoy. Be sure to check around our site for yarn, needles and even luxury knitting gifts to make your loved one feel adored.


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