DreamingincolorYou can't go wrong giving books as holiday gifts to knitters. Books, knitting or not have long inspired knitters in what to knit, how to knit it and what colors to use (Jane Austen Knits anyone?). For 2012, one of the best holiday gifts for knitters will be Kaffe Fassett's autobiography Dreaming in Color. Kaffe has been a fixture in the knitting industry since the 1970's, designing for Vogue Knitting, Rowan and even Missoni. His genius sense of color has served knitters and quilters well over the last 30 years as skeins of yarn, bolts of fabric and even needlepoint patterns. Being one of the few male leaders in the knitting world, his is an interesting story about following one's art, staying true to one's self and honoring your roots.

Mr. Fassett does an excellent job setting the scene with beautiful photographs. You get a feeling for what life was like for bohemian Californians in the 1950's and 1960's. Many young knitters with families will find Mr. Fassett's childhood and early family life fascinating in how it contributed to his creativity into adulthood. At the same time you feel like you're experiencing's Mr. Fassett's life at a remove, as if we're getting an autobiography of a designer and not a total human being. While it's great to get to understand Mr. Fassett's creative motivations, you can't help but want to know more about his personal life.

This is a terrific book for knitters, quilters, and budding knitting designers. I would especially recommend it to younger teenage knitters as inspiration to what kind of careers are available to those interested in the textile arts.

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