Red Yarn Bouquet

Who needs to send flowers when you can give your knitter a gift that will truly make them go squee and last longer than a week: send a bouquet of yarn. Get twelve skeins/balls of a high quality red yarn (100% wool, cashmere blend, silk blend are good places to start), present them in tissue paper with a box and your knitter will know just how well loved they are.

If twelve skeins busts your Valentine's Day budget, here are a few tips:

1) Just two skeins of laceweight yarn so long as it is excellent quality will still make any knitter weak in the knees.

2) Three skeins of a worsted weight yarn make a perfectly good scarf.

3) You will need at least 12 skeins of yarn for a sweater.

4) Truly just the thought of your significant other buying you yarn will make any knitter feel wonderful.

5) If you go to Michael's or Beverly's or Walmart to get yarn, get a gift certificate so that they can choose on their own. There is just too much to choose from there and every knitter has a secret list in the back of their mind of inexpensive yarn they need for that certain project.

Here are a few yarns that will do the trick:

cascadebabyalpacaCascade Baby Alpaca Lace. At only $6.95/skein you really can't go wrong. You could buy just one skein and your knitter will be able to produce something exquisite, thinking about you the whole time. You won't find much of anything softer than alpaca, I like to think of it as the broke person's cashmere. The color is elegant and if you don't think they'll like it there's plenty more to choose from.



cascadechunkyalpacaCascade Baby Alpaca Chunky. This is a more expensive yarn at $13.00 a skein, but only three skeins will make a super soft scarf or cowl. Lots of colors to choose from.





classicelitefrescoyarnClassic Elite Fresco. It's $10.85/ball, but worth every penny. This is a lightweight luxury yarn with Alpaca, Wool and Angora. Get four skeins for a scarf, 12 - 16 skeins for a sweater, with a gigantic selection of colors.






The gift of yarn isn't a gift that lasts long just for the knitter. It lasts a long time for the giver as well. If you're lucky enough to get to witness the transformation of the yarn into a soft wearable accessory you will get to experience just how much joy the yarn you gave as a gift gives to the one your love.

If the yarn you wish to buy only has a few skeins available, buy whatever they have -your knitter will find just the right pattern for them.

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