cloverknittingnotionsSure your knitter has everything, but knitters always need extra knitting notions. What are knitting notions anyway? Well they're little tools that knitters need to have on hand. Stuff like scissors, measuring tapes, cable needles, tapestry needles, crochet hooks, little bags to hold the notions, stitch markers and needle tip protectors. You could also include project bags into the notions category.

A very thoughtful gift for a knitter would be if you got a little kit with a project bag, a knitters tool bag along with all the notions. It might even be a gift for yourself the next time your knitter is running around the house in desperate search of a measuring tape. You could just present them with exactly what they need and they would probably find a very special way to thank you for it ;)

You can't go wrong with the Clover Knitting Notions Kit. It has everything you need in one little package for around $12.

My other favorite is the Knit Kit, which is everything your knitter needs in one handy travel case. It's a very thoughtful gift for a knitter.

Just in case you're not convinced, here's a little run down of what each of these little knitting notions does:

Scissors: for snipping the ends of yarn (derp)

Measuring Tapes: for measuring how long your scarf/sweater/cowl is.

Cable Needles: these are mini needles you use to do the cable technique of knitting

Tapestry Needles: These look like oversized sewing needles, much more blunt and with bigger eye holes to accomodate thicking yarn. They typically come in sets of three a large, medium and small.

Crochet Hooks: Small crochet hooks can help with a dropped stitch, or with a provisional cast on.

Notions bags: Looks like a pencil bag, but holds all the little knitting things you need.

Stitch Markers: These little loops or mini-lock looking things are placed in a knitting project to tell a knitter what to do. They make demark where a round started, or where a knitter must decrease or increase as stated in a knitting pattern.

Needle Tip Protectors: You may be wondering who needs to be protected from knitting needle tips, but it's not really the humans that need the protection as much as it's the knitting. Needle tip protectors prevent your knitting from falling off your needles when you're in transit, while your knitting project is living in it's knitting bag. It also keeps your knitting needles from piercing your project bags.

Project Bags: Knitters carry a lot of bags indeed: knitting bags, project bags and notion bags. The project bags hold each individual project to keep it from getting entangled with other knitting projects, with car keys, pens or cell phones. You typically can put your notions bag in with your project bag to make sure that you have all the tools that you need for a particular project. Then you place the project bag into the knitting bag so that you can carry both your knitting and your every day items.


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