Flowers may be the traditional way to say I love you, but there are better gifts to woo the knitter in your life that will last longer than the old bouquet of red roses. Finding a knitting gift for a knitter tells them that you love what they make for you, that you love that they have something in their lives that they love to do.

Lantern Moon makes some amazing knitting notions that can offer the same feel of that bouquet of roses, but with the functionality of a knitting tool. Lantern Moon makes notions with beautiful fabrics and clever decorations. Check out some of the best notions from Lantern Moon. Put them all together and you have an amazing knitting gift basket.


lanternmoonredflowerLantern Moon Red Flower Tape Measure

Lantern Moon's tape measures are cocooned in beautifully hand-crocheted sheaths that make them easier to find in your knitting bag -and also harder to lose in your house. For Valentine's Day the red rose tape measure will remind your knitter how much you love them every time they measure their knitting -and knowing them you know that will be often.




lanternmooninterchangeablesThe Mother of All Valentine's Day Gifts for Knitters - The Lantern Moon Ebony Interchangeable Knitting Needle Kit

Do you want to shock and awe your knitting lover this year at Valentine's Day? Get them this set of interchangeable knitting needles. There is no better gift that you can get a knitter than every size knitting needle they could possible need in the best materials available -all in a beautiful silk case.






crochetedstarsmarkersStar Stitch Markers

Tell your knitter that they're a star with these crocheted star stitch markers. They will never miss a knit 2 together with these bright stars marking their stitches.





Lantern Moon Lucy Knitting Bag in Coral

You will not find a more affordably priced cute knitting bag. Buy this with everything else on the list and you have an amazing knitter's gift basket. Customize this basket to your taste -leave out needles, add in some yarn, or just get the stitch markers and tape measure and your knitter will be smiling on Valentine's Day.



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