Your knitter deserves to be spoiled this Valentine's Day with a bounty of gifts to make him or her swoon. But how do you make a knitter swoon? It's not that difficult. First, figure out what kind of knitter he or she is (sock knitter? lace knitter? sweater knitter?). If your knitter is a beginner knitter, we have a whole list of gifts just for them.

We've also got some new knitting gift ideas just for Valentine's Day. Order early so that you're not rushing around on the day! Check out our red-themed Valentine's gifts for knitters. We'll be featuring yarn and tools in Part Two, so stay tuned!!!

Red Knitting Bags

We always recommend knitting bags to give as gifts. We suggested quite a few over the December holidays, but for Valentine's Day we think that the focus should be on red. Namaste and Janetbasket all offer high quality knitting bags that will delight your knitter.

namasteredbagmonroeThe Namaste Monroe Knitting Bag

This is a professional knitter's special. If your knitter likes to bring her knitting with her everywhere, but doesn't want a bag that screams out "I'm a knitter", this is THE bag for her.





The Red Janetbasket Knitting Bag

You can't beat the price and the quality on the Janetbasket Bag. It's a beautiful red with a rugged nylon fabric that will protect your knitter's projects and yarn.




rednamastemessengerbagRed Namaste Mini Messenger Knitting Bag

If you're looking for a smaller bag that doesn't take up so much space, but that can still carry your sock project, the Red Namaste Mini Messenger back might just be the thing. It's a cross body bag which makes it easy to carry around whether you're chasing down the bus or bringing your knitting to the local bar.



redlanternmoonneedlecaseRed Lantern Moon Knitting Needle Case

Lantern Moon makes some of the most exquisite needle cases. They come in a veriety of colors using rich silk fabric. These cases will baby your knitting needles -they have so much space they might be able to contain your knitter's entire collection.





What are you hoping to get for Valentine's Day? Let me know in the comments.

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