blueblanketI know what you're thinking. Can't a knitter knit their own blanket?

Yes they can, but no knitter is going to take a knitted blanket that they worked on for ages somewhere outside of the house. They're not going to take that knitted blanket to a concert or a picnic or camping. Even if your knitter has knitted enough blankets for a five bedroom house he or she will adore the best of fuzzy blankets The Reversible Faux Fur Blanket from AMC.

Sure you can get a fuzzy blanket from Walgreens or your local drugstore, but these ones are the best. They are well made and hold up well after years of use. Heck, I've seen people bring this blanket to Burning Man and after washing you would never know it.

The Reversible Faux Fur Blanket is fuzzy like sheep fleece on one side and features a smooth microfiber on the other side. The two textures are like sensory candy for knitters. They come packaged in a matched cord tied in a bow that looks great under the Christmas tree. Plus they come in a ton of colors so that you can get one for just about anyone on your Christmas list. We recommend it because we love it (and are ordering more for our family this year).

The one you see here is in cobalt blue, but it also comes in red, black, orange, purple, beige, brown, white, cherry red, forest green, sage green, steel gray.

Essentially a knitter would love this blanket because it's super soft, has two different textures and it comes in a whole bunch of colors, kind of like yarn. ;)

Stay tuned for more gifts that will appeal to knitters as holiday season 2013 continues!


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