Getting a mother's day gift for your mother, daughter, sister or grandma can be a challenge any year, but what if you decide to get a really meaningful gift for the mother in your life and what if that mother is a knitter? Is it a mistake to get a knitter a knitting-related gift? Never. Just do a little bit of reading and you can find a fantastic mother's day gift for the knitter in your life. You don't actually need to know how to knit to recognize a great knitting gift when you see one.

We've written a few articles with mother's day gift recommendations for knitters:

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Mothers Day Gifts for Knitters 2013 - New Knitting Books

The Epic Mother's Day Knitting Gift from Jimmy Beans Wool


Sock yarn

Sock yarn is the best kind of yarn you can give as a gift. Generally speaking one skein of 425 yards of sock yarn can complete a pair of socks and most sock yarns are under $30. You don't even have to knit socks with one skein -you can do fingerless gloves, mitts, and even a small shawl.

>Find some amazing sock yarn at Craftsy (think Lorna's Laces)



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