Who doesn't love a bouquet of flowers? Everyone loves flowers and that's why they make such great mother's day gifts. The only sad thing is that flowers never last, they always lose their bloom and you're left having to clean up dead flowers and a yucky vase. Fortunately, there is a better way. Knitted flowers are actually a thing. Knitters love to use up their extra stash to make little knitted poesies with roses, lilies, violets, daisies and more. There are a ton of knitting books of flowers. Just pick one, combine with a beautiful bouquet of real flowers and you will have a memorable gift for a knitter this Mother's Day.


NickyEpsteinKnittedFlowersNicky Epstein Knitted Flowers

Nicky Epstein is the expert on knitted edgings, embellishments and flowers. Her patterns are very well written and tested. The Flower Market Bag on the front cover is a must-knit for every knitter, it is the best felted bag ever designed.



knittedflowerssusiejohnsKnitted Flowers by Susie Johns

Elegant flowers to add accesorize your handbags, blazers and hats.





100flowerstoknitandcrochet100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet by Lesley Stanfield

Every flower you will ever want to knit in a single book. If you can't find it in here, I don't know where you're going to find it.



noniflowersNoni Flowers by Nora Bellows

Nora Bellows is a publisher of felted knitting bags and lends her expertise to knitted flowers. These are a bit more delicate. Nora Bellows has quite a following. If your knitter loves to make felted bags, this would be a great book for them.



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