Do you really want to be on the ball for the knitter in your life? Does your knitter have a birthday or anniversary in the next 6 months? You can score some major bonus points if you keep an eye out for the new knitting book releases at any given time. A surprise gift of a newly released knitting book would delight any knitter, old or new.

Just like yarn, knitters can never have enough knitting books. They can never stop learning new things about knitting (and that's one of the major appeals of it as a hobby). New knitting authors always have new twists on old knitting techniques or a new patterns. You'd be surprised how often a new knitting book comes out that features the as yet unexplored aspect of knitting that all the knitters are needing to try right now (it's always something with knitters).

Check out the latest new releases out this year for knitting books in 2013 and learn why knitters everywhere are super excited about them:

41gbydyv0DLTudor Roses by Alice Starmore (Out December 18th, 2013)

You're probably wondering why knitters might be so excited about a knitting book re-release, but knitting an Alice Starmore pattern is like climbing a knitting Mount Everest. The truly serious knitter might take on such a feat at least once in their lifetime and Alice Starmore's Renaissance England Tudor Rose patterns are considered an epic pursuit of knitting insanity, at least as difficult knitting patterns go. This book used goes ridiculous sums of money (at least as far as old knitting books go) so now it will finally be more modestly priced in this reprint.






71g9xVMmGEL. SL1073 The Yarn Whisperer, My Unexpected Life in Knitting by Clara Parkes (Out September 3, 2013)

As any knitter worth their yarn knows Clara Parkes is the genious behind Knitter's Review and the Wool, Yarn and Socks books. She knows the construction and behavior of yarn better than any other yarnie and it was only been a matter of time before she set her pen to a series of personal essays on knitting. If you love the Yarn Harlot, or enjoyed Rachel Herron's Life in Stitches book you will surely appreciate this new book from Clara Parkes.





Scarf-Style-2-coverScarf Style 2 by Ann Budd (Out August 31, 2013)

The first Scarf Style came out nearly 8 years ago and was a huge resource for the new knitters of the time. Scarves are generally thought of as a "safe" knitting project. You don't have to invest a huge amount of time or money on a scarf and they're excellent opportunities to try out new techniques like lace or cables or fair isle. The patterns in the first Scarf Style were so good so as to become practically iconic so it would have been foolish for Interweave Press not to publish a sequal, which will hopefully appeal to these same knitters who are now older and wiser about knitting.



5156aQvYOL. SY300 Adventures in Yarn Farming by Barbara Perry (Out November 12, 2013)

Just when you thought that every aspect of knitting had been covered by some knitter somewhere, somebody came along and wrote a book about farming for sheep for the purpose of producing wool. Many knitters have at one time or another fantasized about caring for their own sheep with the intention of having a ready supply of fleece, no matter how impractical that notion actually was. Well now knitters everywheree will learn just how hard it is to farm for yarn. I'm eager to find out whether this becomes radical yarn porn or a realistic look at the raising of sheep. Either way it's fascinating.



51uhIu3GZRL. SY300 Knitting Yarns: Knitters on Writing edited by Ann Hood (Out November 11, 2013)

Knitters know that every piece of knitting is made one stitch at a time. Writing requires the same amount of persistence and patience -if not more so it's no surprise that so many knitters are also writers. This collection of essays by respected and up-and-coming knit-writers may be just the thing for the knitting writer in your life.




These books would appeal to nearly any knitter. New knitters will appreciate being exposed to a new knitting author or point of view. Longtime knitters may be familiar with the writers and techniques.

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