There are some gifts for knitters that are so good that you cannot go wrong buying them for your favorite knitter -even if they have one already. We like to think of these knitting gifts as the "All Time Favorite Gifts for Knitters". Even if you haven't got a clue about knitting these are the gifts that you can just go ahead and purchase to impress your favorite knitter:


namasteharlowbagKnitting Bags

When you think of a knitting bag, you might be reminded of the old school knitting basket but today's knitting bag styles have come a long way from those old woven origins. You can find knitting bags that rival the designs of high end fashion houses for just a quarter of the price. Our favorite knitting bags for 2013 include the Namaste Harlow (shown in aqua at left also available in black, brown and pumpkin), the Jordana Paige Cezanne and the brand new Knitter's Pride Bags. All of these bags will hold everything a knitter may need to knit on the go while also holding their everyday essentials.



knitkit2The Knit Kit

It's true knitting requires a ton of tiny little tools -tiny little tools that are easy to lose. That's why knitter always have extra sets of knitting notions -one for the home, one for each knitting bag and even one to keep in the car. You never know when you might need a pair of little scissors, stitch markers, or a measuring tape and these items can even be helpful for non-knitting problems. The Knit Kit puts all of those notions in a compact for easy transport by car, bus and even plane -it is a TSA compliant knitting notions kit.


addilaceInterchangeable Knitting Needles

One of the fanciest knitting gifts you can offer your favorite knitter is a set of interchangeable knitting needles. These are complete sets of knitting needles that allow your knitter to build the needles they need for any project; but which set to buy? There are so many to choose from that people have written entire guides on the subject, but we've been able to break it down simply for the non-knitter:

The Luxury Set of Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Wanna blow the mind of your beloved knitter? Give him or her a set of Lantern Moon's Interchangeable Knitting Needles in either Rosewood or Ebony. They are well worth the price as a set of handmade heirloom knitting tools. Both woods feature a highly polished satin finish which makes any yarn glide across your needles with ease. Both sets come in gorgeous silk carrying cases that are as beautiful as the needles themselves.

The High End Set of Interchangeable Knitting Needles

If you're looking for a set of extremely well designed interchangeable knitting needles with a generous exchange policy to boot, check out the Addi Click Interchangeable Knitting Needles (see photo at left). They feature a patented twist and click system that connects the needles to the cables which makes it very difficult for them to come apart. These needles are available especially for lace knitters, in bamboo, metal, in long tips and short tips. The most popular sets are the long tip metal or the bamboo -either of  these kits will delight your knitter -they'll know you went the extra mile to make them happy this holiday 2013.

The Reliable Mid Range Set of Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Knitter's Pride makes a very affordable and well made set of interchangeable knitting needles in a variety of materials -and shapes! If your knitter prefers cubic knitting needles (square shaped instead of round) Knitter's Pride is the interchangeable knitting needle set for them. They can get cubic knitting needles in both metal and rosewood. The most popular set is the wooden deluxe where each needles size comes in its own beautiful color

The Well-Made Entry Level Set of Interchangeable Knitting Needles.

Denise makes a wonderful set of plastic interchangeable knitting needles. They are the most affordable interchangeable knitting needles, but you don't necessarily suffer on quality with them. The cords stay connected to the needles with their well designed click system. The only problem with these needles is that the cords are very thick and so these needles aren't the best for lace knitters. If your loved one knits thin lace on very tiny needles, the Addi Click lace interchangeables are the best set for them. Beginner knitters will love the Denise interchangeables.


Amazon Gift Cards

There are a ton of knitting items available for sale from smaller yarn shops all over the country. Giving your knitter an Amazon gift card gives them access to thousands of knitting books in digital and print, knitting videos, and even yarn.


Cashmere Yarn

Cashmere is the most sought after type of yarn for knitters to use in their knitting projects. Some knitters even go so far to collect used cashmere sweaters from thrift stores to re-purpose the yarn. They go to the trouble to unravel the sweaters, steam the yarn and rewind the yarn into balls. It's far better to be able to buy your own cashmere yarn, but it can be an expensive proposition. Your best cashmere yarn gift for knitters would be the Pepperberry Knits Cashmere Hat kit. You get one skein of yarn and a hat pattern, which includes three different hat styles to knit. It's about $40, but that's nothing when you realize that it will take about 10 hours for your knitter to knit the hat and then will have hours of enjoyment wearing the hat once it's finished.


This marks the beginning of the holiday gifting season for knitters and right now knitters everywhere are starting to think up their holiday knitting projects. Make their jobs a little bit easier next year by choosing one of these knitting gifts and you just might end up with a hand knit sweater next year!

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