It should come as no surprise that a knitter doesn't want all knitting stuff. There are plenty of gifts that aren't knitting related that knitters would enjoy. If you just think about knitting as a hobby, you'll find that there are other gifts that will make them feel as warm and fuzzy as when they're knitting. Today we're sharing candles. Stay tuned over the coming days as we add other delightful products that will make your knitter squee.




Knitting is an experience for the senses: the color of the yarn appeals to the eyes, the texture of the yarn satisfies your sense of touch, however yarn is not known for smelling very nice. Adding a beautifully scented candle can add to the knitting experience and enhance the sense of calm one gets when knitting.

Our favorite candles:

Soy-based candles with herbal-inspired fragrances can often have the most pleasant scents.

High-End Candles:

Diptyque is the amazing French brand of scented candle. They take the French tradition of perfumery and apply it to exquisitely scented candles. One of their candles will make your house smell like a luxury hotel suite in Paris at $60.

Thymes is an American company with beautiful scented candles. They mix herbal essences with old favorite perfumes to create a more modern scent at $28.

librarypaddywaxcandleMedium Priced Candles:

Voluspa makes amazing scented candles that won't break the bank, gorgeously poured into beautiful boxes, a Voluspa candle is a great alternative to the much more expensive Diptyque. Their Goji Torocco scent is warm and citrusy in a way that appeals to both men and women.

Paddywax also makes affordable scented candles. Their Library collection of candles comes packaged in a beautiful box. These are candles for people who love books and history. Each candle is named for a literary icon. Check out the candle named for Jane Austen.

For $15/candle you can get Paddywax's Eco Green Candles, which come in an array of simple fruit and vegetable inspired scents. My favorite is Basil and Cucumber and Mandarin and Lavender.

Keep checking with Gifts for Knitters as we share beautiful gifts that your knitter will love!

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