It's that time of year again when you have to figure out a good gift for a knitter, and not just any kind of gift, but the cool stocking stuffers that can surprise and delight ther person you love. Have no fear, we have a great collection of small knitting treats just small enough to perfectly fit in a holiday stocking. You will probably see yet another Knit Kit or some knitting notions, but also maybe a few unexpected surprises too.


knitkit2The Knit Kit

The best stocking stuffer for any knitter is the Knit Kit. We talk about it all the time because it's a knitting tool that works. It's a small compact sized knitting notions kit with a tape measure, thread cutter, scissors, row counter all in one dohicky that means your knitter will always have all the tools they need for any project in one handy dandy place. I mean, can you see the informercial? This is an improvement over the traditional notions bag because it is TSA approved and can be brought on airplanes. You truly cannot ask for more (well ok, maybe stitch holders, but that's a total stretch -just get a few extra to hide in the stocking too).



stitchholdersStitch Holders

Speaking of stitch holders, a knitter can never have too many. You don't know how many different knitting projects a knitter might have on the needles and will as such require a few sets of stitch holders. Sometimes you have to knit in a pattern that requires putting stitches on holders and it can be a pain in the you-know-what to find the stitch holders you have in your notions stash. Do your knitter a favor and get one, no two sets of stitch holders.




castonbindofflargeLittle Knitting Books

My favorite mini knitting book is a book of cast ons and bind offs. Sounds, kinda simple, right? Every knitting project has to start with casting on stitches and every knitting project ends with a bind off (well, at least where the actual knitting is concerned). It's very rare when a knitting pattern specifically tells you which is the best cast on for a given situation, so often as knitters we have to figure it out ourselves. This little portable book will help your knitter figure out the best way to cast on and bind off for nearly any situation.





yarnistacalendar2015smallKnitting Day to Day Calendar

It would be ideal if someone published a knitting day planner, but knitting is a small niche of the world and not everyone wants to plan their days around yarn, that said there are Yarnista, the day to day calendar (as opposed to month to month ones) that features all things knitting for the truly yarn obsessed knitter in your life.






patonskroysmallSock Yarn

The best kind of yarn to put in a holiday stocking? Sock yarn, obviously. It only takes around 400 yards of fingering yarn to make a full pair of socks and sock yarn is not too expensive. Patons Kroy socks have been around forever and would make a great gift for the beginning sock knitter, or experienced one.













Lantern Moon Tape Measures

Knitters can never have too many tape measures. Too frequently tape measures stop working, or disappear (especially if you have children). It's always nice to find an extra one. Or ten. Lantern Moon makes an amazing collection of cute tape measures that might just be too cute to lose track of.

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