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  • Gifts for Knitters Holiday 2014 - Project Bags

    One very affordable gift for knitters is the knitting project bag. Project Bags are different from Knitting Bags. Project bags hold individual knitting projects to keep them from getting tangled with other projects and supplies in your knitting bag. Knitters need multiple project bags for the many different projects they have going at the same time. There are different sized project bags for different kinds of projects. There are sock knitting bags that allow you to knit socks on the go and larger knitting bags for bigger projects like scarves and even bigger ones for large sweater projects.

    Sock Project Bags


    goknitsbagKnowKnits Bag

    Best project bag for socks is the KnowKnits bag. These bags are made of nylon paracord string. You can wear the bag on your wrist so you can knit on the go (hence the name GoKnits).







    dellaqprojectbagThe Della Q "Cheaper Than Therapy" Bag

    This is a small drawstring bag for your knitting to carry their favorite knitting projects. Not as many bells and whistles as the KnowKnits Bag, but will still do the job.






    dellaqrosemarybagThe Della Q Rosemary Bag

    For someone who wants a little more style in their knitting project bag check out this small knitting tote from Della Q. It also features a wrist strap and a toggle closure.





    rosettebagThe Lantern Moon Rosette Project Bag

    This is another sweet knitting gift that would delight any knitter. This is probably the fanciest knitting project bag that you could use as a going out bag to hold a few goodies when you're going out for dinner.









    laceprojectbagThe Lantern Moon Transparent Lace Project Bag

    Lantern Moon makes another project bag with see-through lace so you can seewhich project is inside.

  • Holiday Gifts for Knitters 2013

    redknitkitThe holidays are upon us and if you're here you might be wondering what kind of fantastic holiday gift to get for a knitter this year. Perhaps you've been the recipient of one of your knitter's thoughtful hand made gifts and you want to return the favor. One thing you can always get a knitter is spoken appreciation of the gifts they have knit for you (and to wear them), but if you wish to take your appreciation to the next level, check out these holiday gifts for knitters that will no doubt thrill them for 2013.



    Tudor Roses

    Last year our favorite book for knitters was Kaffe Fassett's Dreaming in Color. This year it's Alice Starmore's updated Tudor Roses, which features knitting patterns inspired by Tudor England (and Henry the VII's many brides). It is a true test of a knitter for them to knit a Starmore design and it's something that every serious knitter should tackle in their lifetime. Tudor Roses is the book to help your knitter dream this year.

    Other books we recommend for knitter gifts: The Principles of Knitting, Knitting Nature, and Weekend Knitting. These are all classics that deserve a place in any knitter's library.

    knittingyarnsbook2Knitting Yarns - Writers on Knitting

    You won't just see professional knitters on the author list of this book. World famous writers such as Ann Pratchett and Barbara Kingsolver share their experiences knitting, some of them for the first time.

    Another Notions Kit

    We love the Knit Kit, it's the best knitting notions kit around, so portable and easy to pack (and TSA compliant!), but every knitter knows that you can never have too many knitting notions kits (they always seem to go missing at just the moment you need them). In case you're looking for something different this other beginning notions starter kit will ensure that your knitter always has tapestry needles, stitch holders, needle protectors and more.




    The Go-Knits Bag

    I know you must think it's crazy how many knitting bags a knitter can have, but the small project bags do in fact serve a very practical purpose. Project bags protect your knitting within a knitting bag. If you don't use a project bag, your project can become entangled with other projects, with your knitting notions, other yarns and all of your other everyday stuff that you carry in your knitting bag. This can create holes in your knitting, and rough up the yarn you're using.

    The Go Knits bags may seem pricey, but that's because they're super durable. Traditional cotton bags


    lanternmoonbluesilkcaseLantern Moon Silk Knitting Needle Case

    If you want a truly exquisite way of storing your knitting needles, you must try the Lanter Moon Silk Knitting Needle Case. They carry both straight and circular knitting needles and has a small zippered pocket for knitting notions. It's one of those gifts that makes a knitter feel special.



    knitterspridekarbonzsetKnitters Pride Karbonz Interchangeable Knitting Needles

    As much as knitters love their yarn, they love it even more when they can knit with high quality knitting needles. The texture of a knitting needle can enhance the knitting experience and having a complete set of knitting needles ensures that a knitter has a set for every occasion. This year's big set of interchangeable knitting needles for the holidays are the Knitters Pride Karbonz. They have slick metal needle tips with space age carbon fiber bodies. This makes these needles slick, but not so slippery that your stitches fall off your needles.

    If you wrap a few of these gifts for knitters together and create a little knitting gift basket your knitter will be blown over with useful luxury knitting gifts that will keep him or her knitting for years to come.

  • Holiday Gifts for Knitters 2014


    It's holiday time again and as we've been doing for the last couple of years here are our knitting gift recommendations to make the knitter you adore happy warm and fuzzy for holiday 2014. You can visit past year's recommendations as well, including 2012 and 2013 and our all time favorite knitter gifts here. It's easy to find an amazing gift for a knitter once you see all the kinds of things they love to buy themselves. 

    But what are the big gifts for knitters for 2014?


    hiyahiyalimtededitionsetThe Hiya Hiya all in one luxury interchangeable knitting needle set

    This metal interchangeable knitting needle set comes in a beautiful purple knitting needle case with all of the knitting accessories and notions you would need for any project. The needle tips on this set are so sharp that you will have no problems with splitting or slipping your stitches. It's a great set for lace knitters that includes stitch markers, tapestry needles, knitting needle tip protectors and more. 






    addilaceAddi Click Interchangeable Knitting Needle Sets

    Addi Clicks are some of the best interchangeable knitting needles out there because of their proprietary cable connection and awesome ability to easily install a lifeline in your lace knitting projects... and for the first time the price on the complete sets has gone down. Originally $270!!! Addi Clicks are now much more affordable in the $120 range. Now is one of the best times to purchase the Addi Clicks.

    Addi Click Turbos Standard Knitting Needle Set

    Addi Click Lace Long Tip Knitting Needle Set

    Addi Click Natural Bamboo Knitting Needle Set



    namastepoppinsKnitting Bags

    Any knitter would be happy with a new knitting bag every year at the holidays and 2014 is no different. Knitting bags make a great base to start a crazy awesome knitting gift -add in some yarn and a set of interchangeable knitting needles and the knitter you love will swoon!

    Our favorite knitting bags are the Bagsmith Bag and any bag from Namaste (the one at left is the Poppins in Turquoise, you can also find it in Eggplant, here). They are heavy-duty and designed with knitters in mind, making it easy to store and find their favorite knitting notions and keeping their yarn untangled. 




    otherlanternmooncaseKnitting Needle Cases

    You may have noticed that your knitter has a lot of knitting needles. With multiple projects sometimes you do need to have multiple sets of size 7 knitting needles, not to mention circular sets and double pointed needles. You would be wrong to think that just a set of straight knitting needles would be enough for a knitter. Multiple knitting needle cases help your knitter stay organized, that's for sure.

    Lantern Moon Silk Knitting Needle Case

    Della Q Silk Knitting Needle Case




    theknitkit200The Knit Kit

    We say it all the time for a reason: it's AWESOME. Everything you need for any knitting project in one small little package. Keep one in your car to have knitting tools anytime you need them. They are TSA approved and include a measuring tape, thread cutter, mini scissors, knitting needle tip protectors, stitch markers, tapestry needle, mini crochet hook to fix dropped stitches and even a row counter. 



    Whether you get one or all of these gifts (boy what a lucky knitter that would be) taking the time to figure out what the knitter in your life would love is one of the nicest gifts of all. Be sure to check out our other knitting gift recommendations throughout the site!

  • Holiday Gifts for Knitters 2014 - Knitting Bags

    Knitting bags are always a fantastic gift for knitters at holiday time. Most knitters love to bring their knitting with them wherever they go and a well designed knitting bag can keep their knitting projects well organized and their knitting needles and notions right where they need them, when they need them. Even if your knitter already has a knitting bag, a back up one is always welcomed because most knitters have multiple projects going at the same time and some projects are better than others for different outings. It's always nice to have your knitting projects ready to go in your knitting bag. 


    lenaknittingbag250Della Q Lena Knitting Bag

    Della Q makes amazing silk and silk taffeta knitting bags. The Lena is one of their mid-size knitting bags, perfect for sweaters or a few scarf projects. Include some sock knitting in a project bag and you could fit more than one project in this bag. The Lena comes in five different striped colors including red, brown, seafoam, purple and ocean. It's one of the mid-priced bags as well. Some knitting bags sell for over $70, but the Lena Knitting Bag goes for $54.99.




    dellaqagnesbag250The Della Q Agnes Knitting Bag

    If you like the Lena, but don't love the circular handle, have no fear! The Agnes is just like the Lena, but has traditional handles for easy toting your knitting projects around. It even comes in the same colors as the Lena: red, brown, seafoam, purple and ocean. That said, this bag is much larger than the Lena and can carry even more knitting projects, patterns and supplies.




    everythingmarytotesmallThe Everything Mary Knitting Yarn Tote

    This is a steal of a bargain at only $20!!! It's a great bag for storing yarn, especially if you're using multiple colors in a stranded knitting project.





    everythingmarycaddysmallThe Everything Mary Stand Up Yarn Organizer

    Much like the Lantern Moon Uzu Fiber Bag, the Everything Mary Stand Up Yarn Organizer isn't so much a knitting bag as it's a stylish stand to hold your yarn and knitting supplies at home. These organizers allow you to store your yarn for easy access whenver you pick up or put down your knitting. 



    monroebagcroppedThe Namaste Monroe Bag

    Namaste is one of the most popular knitting bag producers around. Their bags are heavy duty and very durable. This is the kind of bag that you can take to work and only you will know that it also doubles as a knitting tote. A professional knitting bag for your favorite knitter.


    Whether you're looking to spend a lot or a little on a holiday gift for your knitter, a knitting bag is a great gift to buy the knitter you love this holiday, 2014.

  • Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Knitters

    Time is ticking down and only a few more days left to get a great gift for a knitter for holiday 2014. We've made a lot of recommendations this year from knitting inspired porcelain to the world's best knitting notions kit. Here's what we've written for Gifts for Knitters Holiday 2014:

    We also shared our favorite gift for knitters for holiday 2014, the Knitted Fabric Converse lowtops!


    You're cutting it down to the very last minute, but here's a few more gift recommendations for knitters:


    theknitkit200The Knit Kit

    We love the knit kit and you might be able to find one at Michaels or at your local yarn shop. It's TSA approved and has all the things that your knitter might need while on the road. It's good to keep one in the car!




    woodlandknitssmallKnitting Books

    Whether from your local yarn shop or your local independent bookseller, choosing a small selection of knitting books will delight your knitter this holiday season. Some of our favorite new knitting books for 2014 include the following:

    Woodland Knits

    Some of the most adorable forest-inspired knitting projects you've every seen.

    Knockout Knits

    Thoughtful knitting projects from the designer who makes the best beaded knitting kits.

    Magpies Homebodies and Nomads

    Cirilia Rose's entree into the land of knitting books.

    Rustic Modern Knits

    Modern knitting patterns with natural motifs including flowers and shells.



    knitterspridedreamz2014The Knitters Pride Symphonie Dreams Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

    Get your knitter a complete set of interchangeable knitting needles. The Knitters Pride Dreamz offer good quality with affordable prices, and cute color coded knitting needle tips.








    TheBagsmithBag1The Bagsmith Bag

    You cannot go wrong with the bagsmith craft bag because it stands up on its flat bottom, maintains an open top, so that you can knit directly from the bag and has see-through external pouches for your knitting notions -this makes finding the right tool for your next knitting project much easier than scrambling around your yarn stash.


    Keep it simple, any of these gift recommendations will make your knitter happy, or you can buy one of each to offer the ultimate knitting gift package for holiday 2014.

  • More Non-Knitting Gifts for Knitters - The Best Fuzzy Blankets

    blueblanketI know what you're thinking. Can't a knitter knit their own blanket?

    Yes they can, but no knitter is going to take a knitted blanket that they worked on for ages somewhere outside of the house. They're not going to take that knitted blanket to a concert or a picnic or camping. Even if your knitter has knitted enough blankets for a five bedroom house he or she will adore the best of fuzzy blankets The Reversible Faux Fur Blanket from AMC.

    Sure you can get a fuzzy blanket from Walgreens or your local drugstore, but these ones are the best. They are well made and hold up well after years of use. Heck, I've seen people bring this blanket to Burning Man and after washing you would never know it.

    The Reversible Faux Fur Blanket is fuzzy like sheep fleece on one side and features a smooth microfiber on the other side. The two textures are like sensory candy for knitters. They come packaged in a matched cord tied in a bow that looks great under the Christmas tree. Plus they come in a ton of colors so that you can get one for just about anyone on your Christmas list. We recommend it because we love it (and are ordering more for our family this year).

    The one you see here is in cobalt blue, but it also comes in red, black, orange, purple, beige, brown, white, cherry red, forest green, sage green, steel gray.

    Essentially a knitter would love this blanket because it's super soft, has two different textures and it comes in a whole bunch of colors, kind of like yarn. ;)

    Stay tuned for more gifts that will appeal to knitters as holiday season 2013 continues!


  • NonKnitting Gifts for Knitters - Hand Lotion Stocking Stuffers

    caldreaWelcome to part two of our Non-Knitting Gifts for Knitters where we recommend gifts for knitters that aren't yarn, needles or in any way just knitting related. Last post was a collection of scented candles and today we're going to explore scented hand lotions.

    Why lotions as a great gift for a knitter? You can't knit well with dry flaky hands. It's a big annoyance to knit with dry skin that can catch on your yarn, also some people get such dry hands that they can crack and even make it painful to knit. Using a high quality lotion will keep your hands soft and ready to knit.

    Fancy hand lotions can be a great way to spoil the knitter you love and make excellent stocking stuffers:

    • You know that hand lotion would be a great gift for a knitter if they actually produce a hand lotion under a knitting brand, check out the Knit Happy hand lotion, which is a bargain at $3.72.
    • We love the Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy #6 lotion (see photo below). It comes in a gorgeous tube and features sweet vanilla, earthy wood and fresh orchid aromas. Your knitter will feel like they're spoiling themselves every time they apply it.
    • Thymes also makes a high-end hand lotion. We love this Mandarin Coriander scent which has the brightness of a citrus that is mellowed out a bit from the peppery coriander.
    • If the Thymes lotion is too pricey, try out the Caldrea Mandarin Vetiver (see photo at right) which also has the springy citrus scent for about half the cost.
    • If you're looking for a hand lotion with fewer perfumes, check out the Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream. It features the natural scents of shea butter, bees wax and calendula which will soothe your hands and help you relax as you knit.


    Stay tuned in the coming days. We'll have more non-knitting gifts for knitters!

  • Our Favorite Non-Knitting Gifts for Women 2013


    It should come as no surprise that a knitter doesn't want all knitting stuff. There are plenty of gifts that aren't knitting related that knitters would enjoy. If you just think about knitting as a hobby, you'll find that there are other gifts that will make them feel as warm and fuzzy as when they're knitting. Today we're sharing candles. Stay tuned over the coming days as we add other delightful products that will make your knitter squee.




    Knitting is an experience for the senses: the color of the yarn appeals to the eyes, the texture of the yarn satisfies your sense of touch, however yarn is not known for smelling very nice. Adding a beautifully scented candle can add to the knitting experience and enhance the sense of calm one gets when knitting.

    Our favorite candles:

    Soy-based candles with herbal-inspired fragrances can often have the most pleasant scents.

    High-End Candles:

    Diptyque is the amazing French brand of scented candle. They take the French tradition of perfumery and apply it to exquisitely scented candles. One of their candles will make your house smell like a luxury hotel suite in Paris at $60.

    Thymes is an American company with beautiful scented candles. They mix herbal essences with old favorite perfumes to create a more modern scent at $28.

    librarypaddywaxcandleMedium Priced Candles:

    Voluspa makes amazing scented candles that won't break the bank, gorgeously poured into beautiful boxes, a Voluspa candle is a great alternative to the much more expensive Diptyque. Their Goji Torocco scent is warm and citrusy in a way that appeals to both men and women.

    Paddywax also makes affordable scented candles. Their Library collection of candles comes packaged in a beautiful box. These are candles for people who love books and history. Each candle is named for a literary icon. Check out the candle named for Jane Austen.

    For $15/candle you can get Paddywax's Eco Green Candles, which come in an array of simple fruit and vegetable inspired scents. My favorite is Basil and Cucumber and Mandarin and Lavender.

    Keep checking with Gifts for Knitters as we share beautiful gifts that your knitter will love!

  • Stocking Stuffers for Knitters 2013

    eucalangetawaygangSo many knitting items can be categorized as stocking stuffers. Knitting notion kits, project bags and skeins of yarn can fit nicely into your knitter's holiday stocking, but what are some of the more interesting unusual things that would delight a knitter on Christmas Day?

    Eucalan Wool Wash - Getaway Gang

    When knitters spend so much time and care hand knitting their beloved projects you can bet that they will take that same love and care to choose a soap to clean those cherished handknits. Eucalan Wool Wash is an old favorite of knitters and they have recently come out with new scents which you can try in their handy Getaway Gang kit.

    Small enough to fit perfectly into a holiday stocking, the kit, which retails only $14.29 on Amazon contains six mini packets of Eucalan meant for traveling as well as their mini wipes which have saved many a handknit from an unexpected spill stain. The perfect gift for the  knitter on the road, it also contains a mini sewing kit, nail file to keep your knitter prepared.

    theknitkit200The Knit Kit

    We will never stop mentioning the Knit Kit, It has all of the notions you need in a tiny package that will surprise your knitter when they pull it from their stocking.

    Chibi Set

    A Chibi is a little tapestry needle holder and they are made by Clover in Japan. This sweet little set which contains three tapestry needles will ensure that your knitter can weave in her yarn ends.

    Ball of Cashmere

    You want to see a knitter ooo and ahh at the holidays? Buy a skein of cashmere. We love the Pepperberry Knits Cashmere, which is plied in Idaho and provides a strong and soft knitted hand. One skein is enough to knit a lucious hat that your knitter will adore for years to come.

    Small Knitting Book

    The Yarn Harlot books are all small enough to hide more than one or two in a holiday stocking.

    Fancy Scissors from Bagsmith

    There are scissors and there are scissors. Bagsmith is the distributor of exquisite French embroidery scissors. They may be pricey, but they are scissors that will be treasured for years if not generations.

    knittersprideshawlpinShawl Pins from Knitters Pride

    Who knew that Knitters Pride, the interchangeable knitting needle company also made shawl pins? They have a small selection of wooden shawl pins that will help your knitter keep even the smallest shawlette on their shoulders.

    Sock Blockers from Knitters Pride

    What the heck are sock blockers and why would anyone need any? If your knitter is a sock knitter the only way to get a nice traditional finished sock shape is to use a sock blocker. When a knitter is finishing knitting a pair of socks, they place the socks on the sock blockers and wash the socks in wool wash (see the Eucalan wool wash above). Once the socks dry on the blockers, they come out even better than machine made socks.

    That completes our list of great stocking stuffers for knitters for 2013. Stay tuned for more gift recommendations for knitters!

  • Stocking Stuffers for Knitters 2014

    It's that time of year again when you have to figure out a good gift for a knitter, and not just any kind of gift, but the cool stocking stuffers that can surprise and delight ther person you love. Have no fear, we have a great collection of small knitting treats just small enough to perfectly fit in a holiday stocking. You will probably see yet another Knit Kit or some knitting notions, but also maybe a few unexpected surprises too.


    knitkit2The Knit Kit

    The best stocking stuffer for any knitter is the Knit Kit. We talk about it all the time because it's a knitting tool that works. It's a small compact sized knitting notions kit with a tape measure, thread cutter, scissors, row counter all in one dohicky that means your knitter will always have all the tools they need for any project in one handy dandy place. I mean, can you see the informercial? This is an improvement over the traditional notions bag because it is TSA approved and can be brought on airplanes. You truly cannot ask for more (well ok, maybe stitch holders, but that's a total stretch -just get a few extra to hide in the stocking too).



    stitchholdersStitch Holders

    Speaking of stitch holders, a knitter can never have too many. You don't know how many different knitting projects a knitter might have on the needles and will as such require a few sets of stitch holders. Sometimes you have to knit in a pattern that requires putting stitches on holders and it can be a pain in the you-know-what to find the stitch holders you have in your notions stash. Do your knitter a favor and get one, no two sets of stitch holders.




    castonbindofflargeLittle Knitting Books

    My favorite mini knitting book is a book of cast ons and bind offs. Sounds, kinda simple, right? Every knitting project has to start with casting on stitches and every knitting project ends with a bind off (well, at least where the actual knitting is concerned). It's very rare when a knitting pattern specifically tells you which is the best cast on for a given situation, so often as knitters we have to figure it out ourselves. This little portable book will help your knitter figure out the best way to cast on and bind off for nearly any situation.





    yarnistacalendar2015smallKnitting Day to Day Calendar

    It would be ideal if someone published a knitting day planner, but knitting is a small niche of the world and not everyone wants to plan their days around yarn, that said there are Yarnista, the day to day calendar (as opposed to month to month ones) that features all things knitting for the truly yarn obsessed knitter in your life.






    patonskroysmallSock Yarn

    The best kind of yarn to put in a holiday stocking? Sock yarn, obviously. It only takes around 400 yards of fingering yarn to make a full pair of socks and sock yarn is not too expensive. Patons Kroy socks have been around forever and would make a great gift for the beginning sock knitter, or experienced one.













    Lantern Moon Tape Measures

    Knitters can never have too many tape measures. Too frequently tape measures stop working, or disappear (especially if you have children). It's always nice to find an extra one. Or ten. Lantern Moon makes an amazing collection of cute tape measures that might just be too cute to lose track of.

  • The Best Mother's Day Gifts for Knitters 2014

    knitterspridedreamz2014Mother's Day is two weeks away so we're giving you our favorite gift ideas for knitting mothers for 2014. You'll find some fun knitting gifts that will wow mom year after year and some new knitting products for 2014 that they may not even have yet. Thank your mom or grandma or wife for being an amazing mom and knitter and check out our best gift recommendations for knitting moms for 2014:

    Knitters Pride Interchangeable Knitting Needles

    If you get a Thames Bag, you might as well fill it up with some amazing knitting needles so your beloved knitter always has what they need. Knitters Pride makes sturdy and reliable sets of interchangeable knitting needles all at a reasonable price. Just do a quick peek at your partner's knitting needles. If they're mostly metal get the Knitters Pride Nova set, if they're mostly wooden get the Knitters Pride Dreamz and if they're bamboo check out the Knitters Pride Bamboo interchangeables. If you want to wow the heck out of your knitter -try the Knitters Pride Rosewood set$58-$90.

    The Knit Kit

    There's a new Knit Kit for 2014. It comes in purple and unlike previous versions the newest edition of The Knit Kit comes with a needle gauge on the back. Now your mom will always be able to ensure that her knitting needles are the correct size wherever she goes AND have all of her favorite knitting tools including a measuring tape, needle tip protectors, scissors, stitch markers, and stitch counter -all TSA compliant too! $24.95

    The Knitters Pride Thames Bag

    Knitters Pride doesn't just make amazing interchangeable knitting needle sets (which would also make fantastic mother's day gifts) they also make these brightly colored faux leather knitting bags with enough room for all of your knitting tools and a small project. A bargain at $40.00.

    TheBagsmithBag1The Bagsmith Knitting Bag

    We sound like a persistant toddler with the crazy number of times that we've recommended this knitting bag and that's because it's one of the best ways to store your favorite knitting projects both at home and on the go. The knitting fantasy is that you keep your knitting in a basket -well seasoned knitters will tell you that baskets bring bugs to your knitting and it's a wiser choice to use a knitting bag instead. The Bagsmith Knitting bag is your knitting basket on the go made of sturdy cotton canvas with clear plastic pouches on the outside so you can always find your favorite knitting tools. Only $38.00.

    Those are some of the most popular mother's day gifts for knitters. If you're looking for more ideas check out Lantern Moon's knitting bags for 2014 and find a cute and functional bag for the knitter you love.


  • The Knitting Bag for Every Knitter - The Bagsmith Bag

    TheBagsmithBag1If you're still Christmas shopping for the knitter you love you only have a day left to find the perfect gift. All season long we've been sharing some of our favorite gifts including stocking stuffers, gifts for beginner knitters, and non-knitting gifts that knitters will love. For this last day of the holiday shopping season, we offer one of our all time favorite gifts for knitters: The Bagsmith Bag.

    You would think that knitters would prefer baskets to store their yarn. It's the fantasy all knitters have, beautiful baskets full of yarn, but unfortunately baskets are not so great for the long-term storage of yarn. Baskets don't protect yarn from common pests like moths and carpet beetles. It's much better to store your yarn in sealed plastic bags within lidded plastic containers. The plastic bags protect yarn and keep your yarns well organized and the lidded boxes allow you to store your plastic bags of yarn in a uniform, easy to stack way.

    But what if you want easy access to your knitting projects and tools? That's where the Bagsmith Bag comes in. The Bagsmith bag is everything you love about a basket -it has an open top, with a secure metal stand so that it can sit tall so that you can simply pick up your project and knit. It's a great place to keep your knitting work in progress so that it doesn't get attacked by children or cats. Plus, the Bagsmith Bag features outer plastic pockets so that you can easily find all of your tools -and knitters know all too well what it's like to run around the house looking for that cable needle or measuring tape.

    While The Bagsmith Bag is a great yarn storage unit for your living room, it can also be a great knitting bag for when you're on the go. The Bagsmith Bag comes with a cross-body strap so that you can have everything you need for your latest knitting project right where you need it. If you're looking for a very useful gift for a knitter this holiday season, this is the bag for you!

  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Knitters 2015

    Valentine's day approaches once again and if you love a knitter you might be wondering what to get a knitter as a special treat? If you have ever received a handknitted gift from a knitter you know that a lot of love and care go into those knitted gifts. Knitters love it when they receive gifts that help them continue their obsession, I mean hobby. ;)

    If you're not a knitter yourself it can be that extra bit more difficult to choose the right gift, but we have a few ideas that will make them happy this Valentine's Day.


    redjanetbasketbagsmallRed Knitting Bags

    Knitting bags are a favorite gift for knitters, especially if you want to do a little collection of knitting gifts. Pick one of these bags, choose some yarn, a knitting book and a set of interchangeable knitting needles and you will be going over the top for your knitter for Valentine's Day. Here are some of our favorite knitting bags in red in honor of the holiday:

    Janetbasket Red Floral Bag

    This very affordable knitting bag is wide and roomy with plenty of room for one or more knitting projects, some knitting magazines and your knitting needles.

    Della Q Lena Bag

    This is a most stylish knitting bag in red striped silk.


    rowanredlaceyarnsmallRed Yarn

    Yarn is always a welcome gift for a knitter. They always love to add to their yarn stash. Red yarn for Valentine's Day is always a great idea and we have a few options that are easy to order from amazon:

    Lion Brand Wool Ease

    This is an affordable yarn, a wool and acrylic blend. Perfect for a wide variety of projects. I would go with 3-4 balls of yarn for a scarf (really with red yarn it's a little iffy to buy it in large quantities).

    Rowan Fine Lace Yarn

    If your knitter is known for knitting intricate lace, this is a great purchase for you. Rowan is a very high quality yarn manufacturer out of England and lace yarn is great because you don't have to buy a lot of skeins to make a substantial project. Each skein has 400 yards. Buy two skeins to ensure that your knitter has just enough for a magnificent shawl.


    interchangeableknittingneedlessetsInterchangeable Knitting Needle Set

    We mention them frequently because they're a great tool to have for any knitter, especially the knitter who travels a lot. It's a complete set of knitting needles with interchangeable tips and connecting cables. They enable knitters to knit just about any project large or small. These are our most popular sets:

    Knitters Pride Dreamz Interchangeable Knitting Needles

    Takumi Clover Bamboo Interchangeable Knitting Needles

    Addi Click Metal Interchangeable Knitting Needles

    Addi Click Bamboo Interchangeable Knitting Needles

    Chiao Goo Interchangeable Knitting Needles

    Knit Picks Caspian Blue Interchangeable Knitting Needles



    kaffedreamingincolorsmallKaffe Fassett Books

    Kaffe is one of the foremost knitting pattern designers in the last 40 years. His sense of color and design is unparalleled in the industry. An American headquartered in England, this knitting master is so revered so as to been featured in museums across Great Britain and the world. He's written many different books of knitting and needlepoint books. Each one is an inspiration, especially to those knitters who love knitting intarsia or color stranded projects.

    Here's to a thoughtful Valentine's Day for all the knitters!

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