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  • A is for Addi Click Interchangeable Knitting Needles



    The first in our installment of Gifts for Knitters from A to Z is of course, the letter A and we're going to talk about Addi Click Interchangeable Knitting Needles. Interchangeable Knitting Needles are one of the best gifts that you can get a knitter. They are a complete set of knitting needles connected by a flexible cable. Each set comes with a few of these flexible cables in different lengths to accomodate small and large knitting projects. The Addi Click Interchangeable Knitting Needles are some of the most well designed interchangeable knitting needles on the market. They are the only needles with a proprietary connector for the needle and cable, creating almost a seamless connection, which prevents snags while you knit. 

    The Addi Click Interchangeable Knitting Needles are either metal or bamboo. If you're unsure which kind to choose, check out what kind of needles your knitter prefers by watching them knit or even snooping into their knitting needle stash. If your knitter has more bamboo needles, pick the Addli Click Natura Bamboo, if they have more metal needles check out the long tip Addi Turbo Needles.

    Addi Click Natura Bamboo

    Addi Click Lace Long Tips Turbo

    Addi Click Turbo Basic

    Each set contains:

    • 10 sizes of knitting needles from 3.5mm to 10mm (US 4 to US 15)
    • 1 each of 24", 32", 40" connecting cables
    • 1 Carrying Case

    Interchangeable knitting needles are the most expensive tools a knitter can have and the Addi Clicks are the best designed of all of the sets of interchangeable knitting needles, so a knitter will be very pleased to discover them as a birthday or holiday gift this year. 

    You can learn more about interchangeable knitting needle sets in general and other manufaturers who produce interchangeable knitting needles by visiting Knit Luck's Interchangeable Knitting Needle Guide. Their interchangeable knitting needle comparison chart can also be helpful. 

    If the Addi Clicks are not fancy enough for your knitter, you can go one step beyond and check out the Lantern Moon Interchangeable Knitting Needles in Ebony or Rosewood. Those are all handcrafted. They don't have the same connectors as the Addi Click interchangeable knitting needles, but the ebony and rosewood make for an heirloom quality set of knitting needles that you might want to pass on.

    Stay tuned throughout the fall to discover all of our favorite gifts for knitters. Next up is the letter "B" and we're going to focus on one of our favorite yarn brands. You can go back to all of our Alphabet inspired gifts for knitters at the A to Z home page.

  • D is for Deborah Newton


    One of the coolest things about profiling the best gifts for knitters by each letter of the alphabet is getting to highlight not just yarns and needles, but also knitting book writers and designers. Today with the letter D we're going to showcase Deborah Newton, who has a brand new knitting book out Good Measure: Knit a Perfect Fit Every Time. Debroah Newton has been writing knitting pattern books for decades. Her books all have a very heavy focus on technique. Good Measure is no different. One of the hardest things to learn as a knitter is how to properly measure your body and match those measurements to those on a knitting pattern. If you knit the wrong size, it doesn't matter how well you follow the instructions it's still going to look bad on your body. So check out some of the greatest hits from Deborah Newton, pick one of these books and your knitter's skills will improve by leaps and bounds.

    Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters is another must-have for any knitter's library. It's one thing to cast on and knit a project all the way through, it's another thing entirely to finish that project with correct seaming, cleanly woven ends and consistently picked up stitches. Deborah Newton reviews all of the tools and methods that will help your knitter end up with well-fitting hand knit. 

    If you want to go the extra mile and your knitter aspires to becoming a knitwear designer, then check out Deborah's out of print work, Designing Knitwear, which is from 1992, but still has important information about best practices in designing your own handknits. 

    Good Measure: Knit a Perfect Fit Every Time


    Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters


    Designing Knitwear


    Keep checking Gifts for Knitters for more great gift ideas for the knitter in your life. There's 22 letters left in the alphabet and thus 22 more articles coming to you just in time for holiday 2015. Next up is letter E! 


  • E is for Everything Mary


    Once again we're celebrating the best gifts from knitters from A to Z and we're at the letter E. Today E stands for Everything Mary. Everything Mary is a crafts brand that came out in the last couple years, making affordable knitting accessories including knitting bags, yarn caddies and even needle cases in bold graphic prints. Each piece is under $30, making it a great gift that still leaves room to add some yarn or even a knitting book.

    The orginal Everything Mary Knitting Tote (Only $19.99)


    The New Everything Mary Blue Line:

    Blue Knitting Tote ($19.99)


    Blue Knitting Caddy ($27.99)


    Blue Knitting Needle Case ($8.00)



    Knitting can be an expensive hobby, but these are some of the most reasonably priced knitting accessories available and make fantastic gifts for the holidays, and even the knitting needle case could fit in one's Christmas stocking.

    Stay tuned as we continue finding more thoughtful gifts for knitters from A to Z

  • Gifts for Knitters A to Z


    We're doing something new at Gifts for Knitters. We're going to start our holiday season early to share our favorite gifts for knitters starting with the letter A and going all the way to the letter Z. From Addi Clicks to Zitron sock yarn we're going to celebrate all the amazing products that make knitters do the happy dance whether it's Christmas, Hannukah, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. You'll find the best gift ideas for knitters no matter the occasion.

    Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our gift recommendations!

    A is for Addi Click

    B is for Berroco

    C is for Crystal Palace Yarns

    D is for Debroah Newton


  • Gifts for Knitters A to Z

  • Gifts for Knitters from A to Z - C is for Crystal Palace

    C is for cookie, it's good enough for me. No! C is for Crystal Palace Yarns and Knitting Needles, the next in our series of Gifts for Knitters from A to Z. Crystal Palace hits two needs for knitters: yarn AND knitting needles. They've been around for ages. Once upon a time they even had a brick and mortar store in Berkeley, California, but these days they sell wholesale only. They're famous for their unique novelty yarns and fiber blends. 

    Crystal Palace Yarns

    cpyminimochiMini Mochi

    If you picked one yarn to represent that kind of yarns that Crystal Palace Yarns distributes, Mini Mochi would be it. It has a very high content of merino wool, paired with 20% nylon for durability. Meant as a sock yarn, it like it's big brother Danube features slowly changing color progressions that make sock knitting fun. Just like Danube, Mini Mochi also comes in a larger size, the Mochi Plus for larger projects.


    cpydanubeCrystal Palace Yarns Danube

    If you love Noro yarns, but hate how scratchy they can be, check out Cyrstal Palace Yarns, especially the Danube line. Like the name suggests Danube features slowly meandering color changes, which has a lovely effect when applied to scarves, hats and sweaters. Danube features 40% nylon, 30% rayon and 30% wool. Danube comes in three different weights, DK, Aran and Bulky. DK is great for smaller projects, like fingerless gloves or even socks while Aran is great for sweaters and bulky perfect for afghans.




    cpybamboodpnsCrystal Palace Knitting Needles

    Crystal Palace imports bamboo knitting needles from Japan. They've had the same manufacturer for years. In fact, you can learn about the process by which these knitting needles are made here on the CPY website. They sell both straight, double pointed and fixed circular knitting needles. Their needles come in different lengths, so be sure to check the length when you're making a purchase. Extra long knitting needles can be difficult to use, store and carry. They have a tendency to poke holes in your favorite bag. Stick with the shorter straight needles. Six inch double points can accomodate most small circular knitting projects like hats and socks. The small and medium length circulars are the most useful to knitters. The extra long circular needles are great for afghans and oversized sweaters. 

    >Straight Bamboo Knitting Needles

    >Double Pointed Knitting Needles

    >Fixed Circular Knitting Needles


    It can be hard to pick a yarn as a gift for a knitter, but picking up two skeins (or three or four) of Crystal Palace Yarn, and a set of knitting needles would make any knitter happy whether it's their birthday or the holidays.

    This is the latest in our series on Gifts for Knitters from A to Z. Stay tuned for more posts and discover more amazing products for knitters this holiday season.


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