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  • More Unique Gifts for Knitters 2014

    Just the other day we found the awesome low top knitted converse sneakers in red or natural thinking that they were the best unique gift for knitters for 2014. It got us to thinking about other unusual gifts for knitters might be available and some really cool stuff turned up:

    Sweater-Inspired Porcelain

    These teapots and teacups have had knitted patterns pressed into them, leaving relief patterns of stockinette and garter stitch. The perfect way to serve tea to a knitting group:


    Thcablesweaterteapotsetsmalle Yeti Fine Porcelain Teapot

    Apparently this gift isn't just awesome for knitters, but has also swept Oprah Winfrey's gift list as well, but knitters will especially appreciate the cabled stitch work on the sides and lid of this adorable offwhite teapot. If your knitter is not already a tea drink, he or she will surely become one.





    cablesweaterteacupsetsmallThe Classic Coffee and Tea Espresso Cups

    If your bunch of knitters is all about the espresso, go for these blue denim cabled espresso cups with saucers. They somehow manage to make espresso cups even daintier than they already are.





    sweaterporcelainteapotsmallThe Classic Garter Stitch Teapot

     If you prefer the more uniform lines of a good garter stitch, with teacups to match then check out the Classic Garter Stitch Teapot, it's very similar to the cabled one above, but instead features rows of garter stitch vertically surrounding the top. it almost looks like the teacozy is on there permanently.





    sweaterteacupssmallThe Matte Garter Stitch Teacups

    Your Garter Stitch teapot is not complete without the teacups. Make it a full set and buy them both and if you're truly dedicated to knitting, give the cake plate a whirl as well. The entire set is perfect for entertaining your weekly knitting group.





    sweatercakeplatesmallThe Matte Garter Stitch Cake Plate

     This garter stitch cake plate is for the completist in your knitter, without the cake plate, the tea pot and the teacups might as well be considered unfinished objects. Your knitter will love to display his or her favorite treats on this adorable ruffle-edged cake plate, featuring a two inch rim of garter stitch.



     Other Knitting Inspired Gifts


    sweatercandlebasketsmallThe Yankee Candle Sweater Cherry Candle Set

    In case adorable knitted teasets aren't enough for your knitter, check out Yankee Candle's awesome sweater-inspired candle gift baskets. The one displayed contains more than four cherry-scented candles to sweaten up your knitters favorite knitting spot.






    sweateriphonecoversmallThe Cable Sweater Iophone 5s phone cover

    There's no shame in having an iphone 5s instead of the 6, especially if you cover your phone with the cable sweater iphone cover, as much as one wishes that they could actually protect their iphone with an actual knitted cover, this plastic cover with a cabled knitting picture will be much more effective.


    These are some of the most unique gifts for knitter we've seen in years. They are truly useful gifts that will let your knitter show just how much they love to knit.

  • NonKnitting Gifts for Knitters - Hand Lotion Stocking Stuffers

    caldreaWelcome to part two of our Non-Knitting Gifts for Knitters where we recommend gifts for knitters that aren't yarn, needles or in any way just knitting related. Last post was a collection of scented candles and today we're going to explore scented hand lotions.

    Why lotions as a great gift for a knitter? You can't knit well with dry flaky hands. It's a big annoyance to knit with dry skin that can catch on your yarn, also some people get such dry hands that they can crack and even make it painful to knit. Using a high quality lotion will keep your hands soft and ready to knit.

    Fancy hand lotions can be a great way to spoil the knitter you love and make excellent stocking stuffers:

    • You know that hand lotion would be a great gift for a knitter if they actually produce a hand lotion under a knitting brand, check out the Knit Happy hand lotion, which is a bargain at $3.72.
    • We love the Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy #6 lotion (see photo below). It comes in a gorgeous tube and features sweet vanilla, earthy wood and fresh orchid aromas. Your knitter will feel like they're spoiling themselves every time they apply it.
    • Thymes also makes a high-end hand lotion. We love this Mandarin Coriander scent which has the brightness of a citrus that is mellowed out a bit from the peppery coriander.
    • If the Thymes lotion is too pricey, try out the Caldrea Mandarin Vetiver (see photo at right) which also has the springy citrus scent for about half the cost.
    • If you're looking for a hand lotion with fewer perfumes, check out the Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream. It features the natural scents of shea butter, bees wax and calendula which will soothe your hands and help you relax as you knit.


    Stay tuned in the coming days. We'll have more non-knitting gifts for knitters!

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