knitterspridedreamz2014Mother's Day is two weeks away so we're giving you our favorite gift ideas for knitting mothers for 2014. You'll find some fun knitting gifts that will wow mom year after year and some new knitting products for 2014 that they may not even have yet. Thank your mom or grandma or wife for being an amazing mom and knitter and check out our best gift recommendations for knitting moms for 2014:

Knitters Pride Interchangeable Knitting Needles

If you get a Thames Bag, you might as well fill it up with some amazing knitting needles so your beloved knitter always has what they need. Knitters Pride makes sturdy and reliable sets of interchangeable knitting needles all at a reasonable price. Just do a quick peek at your partner's knitting needles. If they're mostly metal get the Knitters Pride Nova set, if they're mostly wooden get the Knitters Pride Dreamz and if they're bamboo check out the Knitters Pride Bamboo interchangeables. If you want to wow the heck out of your knitter -try the Knitters Pride Rosewood set$58-$90.

The Knit Kit

There's a new Knit Kit for 2014. It comes in purple and unlike previous versions the newest edition of The Knit Kit comes with a needle gauge on the back. Now your mom will always be able to ensure that her knitting needles are the correct size wherever she goes AND have all of her favorite knitting tools including a measuring tape, needle tip protectors, scissors, stitch markers, and stitch counter -all TSA compliant too! $24.95

The Knitters Pride Thames Bag

Knitters Pride doesn't just make amazing interchangeable knitting needle sets (which would also make fantastic mother's day gifts) they also make these brightly colored faux leather knitting bags with enough room for all of your knitting tools and a small project. A bargain at $40.00.

TheBagsmithBag1The Bagsmith Knitting Bag

We sound like a persistant toddler with the crazy number of times that we've recommended this knitting bag and that's because it's one of the best ways to store your favorite knitting projects both at home and on the go. The knitting fantasy is that you keep your knitting in a basket -well seasoned knitters will tell you that baskets bring bugs to your knitting and it's a wiser choice to use a knitting bag instead. The Bagsmith Knitting bag is your knitting basket on the go made of sturdy cotton canvas with clear plastic pouches on the outside so you can always find your favorite knitting tools. Only $38.00.

Those are some of the most popular mother's day gifts for knitters. If you're looking for more ideas check out Lantern Moon's knitting bags for 2014 and find a cute and functional bag for the knitter you love.


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