Knitting bags are fantastic, but it's short sighted to shop exclusively in the knitting bag category when there are thousands of handbags that will appeal to knitters even if they aren't specifically designed for them.

There are few differences between knitting bags and regular bags:

  1. Some knitting bags are designed especially with knitters in mind and include loops to manage balls of yarn, specific pouches for notions and patterns.
  2. Knitting bags take straight knitting needles into consideration and make sure that the bags are large enough to accommodate them.

That's it.

Any handbag will work well if you make sure when you're choosing a handbag that there's plenty of room for both knitting and the everyday accoutrement like the cell phone, wallet and possibly the laptop/tablet. Make sure the bag is at least 12 inches long so it will fit some straight knitting needles and you'll be just fine.

Here's a bag that would delight many a knitter. This one was chosen because it is reminiscent of bags made by Lexie Barnes, a knitting bag designer. It's the Fossil Key-Per Tote. It comes in three different patterns, so if you don't like the one pictured, check out the other color options here. It's big enough for knitting needles and fits well under the shoulder. Your knitter will be swamped at their local knit night with questions wondering where they got such a fabulous bag.

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