TheBagsmithBag1If you're still Christmas shopping for the knitter you love you only have a day left to find the perfect gift. All season long we've been sharing some of our favorite gifts including stocking stuffers, gifts for beginner knitters, and non-knitting gifts that knitters will love. For this last day of the holiday shopping season, we offer one of our all time favorite gifts for knitters: The Bagsmith Bag.

You would think that knitters would prefer baskets to store their yarn. It's the fantasy all knitters have, beautiful baskets full of yarn, but unfortunately baskets are not so great for the long-term storage of yarn. Baskets don't protect yarn from common pests like moths and carpet beetles. It's much better to store your yarn in sealed plastic bags within lidded plastic containers. The plastic bags protect yarn and keep your yarns well organized and the lidded boxes allow you to store your plastic bags of yarn in a uniform, easy to stack way.

But what if you want easy access to your knitting projects and tools? That's where the Bagsmith Bag comes in. The Bagsmith bag is everything you love about a basket -it has an open top, with a secure metal stand so that it can sit tall so that you can simply pick up your project and knit. It's a great place to keep your knitting work in progress so that it doesn't get attacked by children or cats. Plus, the Bagsmith Bag features outer plastic pockets so that you can easily find all of your tools -and knitters know all too well what it's like to run around the house looking for that cable needle or measuring tape.

While The Bagsmith Bag is a great yarn storage unit for your living room, it can also be a great knitting bag for when you're on the go. The Bagsmith Bag comes with a cross-body strap so that you can have everything you need for your latest knitting project right where you need it. If you're looking for a very useful gift for a knitter this holiday season, this is the bag for you!

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