So you want to get a great gift for the knitter in your life to thank them for the beautiful handknits they've made for you over the years. Where to go? You could visit your local yarn shop, but if you don't have time for the trip, you can visit these online shops to get some great gift ideas for knitters.


If You Need a Gift for a Knitter ASAP

Yep, Amazon carries knitting supplies including yarn, notions, interchangeable knitting needles and knitting books. Shopping at Amazon is great especially if you have Amazon prime and can save on shipping costs. Read more about the top knitting gifts on Amazon, and Top Knitting Books of 2012 both from

Jimmy Beans Wool

Knitting Supplies on the West Coast

Jimmy Beans Wool is one of the best online yarn retailers on the West Coast. If you're looking to buy yarn online and want to save money on shipping, shop at Jimmy Beans Wool if you're on the West Coast (and webs if you're on the east. JBW has special color ways of Lorna's Laces yarn that are available nowhere else.


Knitting Supplies on the East Coast

Webs is the knitting hub of the East Coast. They carry thousands of yarns at great prices. Their customer service is hard to beat. If your knitter is looking for a sweater quantity of yarn, head to webs and get their 20% discount.

Interweave Store

The Gold Standard of Published Knitting Content

Interweave is one of the top crafts publishers in North America for knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners. They publish hundreds of books and magazines that will make your knitter squee. If it's published by Interweave chances are it's well researched, focused on technique with wearable designs.


Crafty Gifts for Your Knitter

Etsy is the single best online source for high quality handmade crafts. You will find a bevy of gifts for knitters there. Find specialty hand dyed yarns, fiber bats, and tools. Do a search for knitting bags or needle cases and see what happens.

Chronicle Books

Specialty Books for the Design-obsessed Knitter

Chronicle Books publishes some of the more innovative knitting books out on the market right now. They offer terrific discounts for buying directly from them around the holiday season.

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